Scriber v2.1

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Create Date April 18, 2019
Last Updated April 18, 2019

The download above is the complete assembler source code for Scriber v2.1, It may be viewed in Notepad or loaded into Microchip's Mplab X IDE, assembled and the hex file loaded into a PIC16F1615 chip using a PICkit3.

Version 2.1 of Scriber is identical to v1.0 with two exceptions :-

The TXD output on pin 7 is inverted so now both TXD and RXD (pins 7 & 8) are UART polarity (idle = 5v) for direct connection to a USB to TTL serial module.

The optional use analogue input on pin 12 has an input range of 0 to Vcc/2 for direct interface to a MAX9814 mic amplifier module. An internal 300 to 3KHz digital filter with HF pre-emphasis has also been added .